PT. OVERSINDO SERVICES is one of developing companies which is established by professional and qualified personnel to be lead and actively in providing and serving of manpower supply, recovery and services of the construction, operation and maintenance works in mining, oil and gas, refinery industries, chemical / petrochemical and power plant, for domestically and overseas project

Our Success is driven by our professional, skills and dedicated manpower on delivering result the right way by servicing responsibly, executing with excellence, applying innovative acknowledgment, and capturing new profitable growth for the customers. We are involved in every facet of energy & industrial sectors

We have a wide range of inventory to meet the requirement and satisfaction of our customer’s to reach new profitable growth, deliver cost efficiency, and the effectiveness as well.

Our extension and extremely comprehensive inventory range is computerized which enable us to respond inquiries with immediately affect and ensure the orders can be processed without any delay and fault

About Us


PT. OVERSINDO SERVICES is a private national company, which is established and registered in Cilegon – Banten – INDONESIA. The core of business of PT Oversindo Services are supplying and servicing in Manpower supply , Maintenance, and Operate & Recovery of industrial Services. Driven by our professional, skilled, and qualified personnel, our success to date is testament to our ethic, commitment to excellent and customer services. We employed the strictest quality and control system

Long term objective as establishing company which is actively in a global era among the others , PT. OVERSINDO SERVICES is also pro-actively seeking qualified and worldwide reputable overseas companies who want to collaborate, cooperate, and develop the business activities in Indonesia and worldwide countries to achieve global markets and world class projects

Vision & Mission


Be a good services company to pursue of ‘Excellency’ to help the customers in achieving business goals and profitable growth, of course. We will comply to our vision through our commitment with outstanding services, strategic growth, and passion for winning”


“Upholding quality in process and work production in every service delivered . To Optimizing competency and consistency professional business commitments, and maximizing the shareholder’s value by achieving customer satisfaction value and improving continuous internal processes as well”